January Rambling 

Today, I thought I would update you on my school life and my life in general. Mainly because I have no other blog post ideas, but also because I want to write down everything that is in my head at the moment. This blog is kind of like my diary; it’s nice to look back on … More January Rambling 

How to revise

So year 11 mocks are next month. Don’t waste your time revising, plan a handy timetable. Actually don’t worry, I’ve done that for you. 1. Make sure you are in a tidy environment. Take as long as is necessary to tidy your room. In fact you might as well just tidy your whole house. Actually, … More How to revise

Exam Conditions

I have just finished my first week of mocks. Hooray! But I have another lot next week *goes and cries in the corner*. I need to get a few things off my chest, and where better to do that than on the Internet! Okay first, why do they make the exam hall so frickin’ cold? … More Exam Conditions