Exam Conditions Part 4

I know. You didn’t think this series was over, did you?

For some reason after GCSEs I decided that I would never ever sit an exam again so ended the series. But, here I am, back again to moan some more after my A Level Criminal Law exams.

Firstly, I (and I’m sure everyone else doing A Levels) have become an expert at procrastinating. As I have already completed graphics and photography, I only have one subject that requires written exams. So all I’m revising is law – all day, every day. I get so stupidly bored I have a long list of things I’ve used to procrastinate revision:

I have many, many showers. My logic is: because showering is something that we have to do, I don’t feel guilty as I would watching Netflix. It’s a perfect plan! Although, I have pretty much washed my hair every day of the week to prolong the showers. It’s fine. I’m fine. My hair probably isn’t though. Also, singing really loud in the shower when home alone is very stress relieving.

IMG_1319Although said I would feel guilty watching TV when I am supposed to be revising, I have watched numerous Netflix series. With the amount of TV I’ve watched, it will amaze me if I still do well in law. I finished the second series of 13 Reasons Why which I would not recommend if your emotions are already vulnerable from all the stress. I cried a lot (as you can see in my very attractive photo). I’m re-watching Arrested Development. I don’t think I fully appreciated it on the first viewing, it’s so funny and the characters are so good. And we’ve been catching up with season 2 of Westworld which is also great.

IMG_1317I’ve also started watching Hannibal the TV series – which proved how hard my stomach is as I usually watch an episode whilst eating lunch with absolutely no problem. I talk to myself out-loud when I’m home alone so I found myself saying thing like:

“oh my god, he’s just made a totem pole of dead bodies” or “he just tied all of their organs onto tree branches with their own veins?” as I dig into my poached egg and avocado on toast.

I could be revising the laws on omissions and the different types of involuntary manslaughter, or I could find out whether the chesapeake ripper has struck again and what gruesome attack he has carried out this time. I know which I would rather. There are lots of murders so that’s criminal law revision, right?
I somehow drank a whole bottle of non-alcoholic wine in a day. Not quite sure how or why that happened. Also, my caffeine intake has greatly increased. As it turns out, making cups of tea and iced coffees are also a good procrastination technique. I have also leant that I have a very low caffeine tolerance as after roughly three cups of tea I feel a little bit shaky. But, as I always say, stable hands are overrated anyway.

So, there you go. My A Levels in a nutshell (without talking about the actual exams). As I’m writing this, it’s the day after my final exam so I’m free! I think both exams went pretty well, which is good. But, we’ll see in August.

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