Films This April

Ready Player One

Ready Player One is one of the very few books I have read (and really enjoyed). It follows the character of Wade Watts on his quest to find Halliday’s Easter egg hidden in the virtual reality world, Oasis.

The book was captivating from beginning to end and I read it in about a week, so I couldn’t wait to see how Spielberg had adapted this into a film. We actually went to the iMax cinema in Cardiff to see this because I was so excited. I thought this film was completely brilliant. Controversially, I really liked how they had changed parts of the book like (for example the challenges) as I didn’t know what was going to happen next.

Edge of Tomorrow

I had watched this film a few years ago, but after getting it on Blu-ray, we thought it deserved another viewing in high definition. The story is similar to the idea in Groundhog Day where someone is stuck in a loop of the same day, repeating over and over again. However, it’s a Sci-Fi with Tom Cruise (who plays Cage) and set during a war between humans and an alien species. Basically Groundhog Day + aliens. What more could you want?

Punch – Drunk Love

I came home early from school and instead of doing revision I watched a film (I know, surprise, surprise). Such a crazy, silly film but really well and interestingly done. Psychologically troubled Barry Egan falls for English woman, all the while being extorted by a phone-sex line run by a crooked mattress salesman, and purchasing stunning amounts of pudding. It’s as crazy as it sounds, and I love it.

Howl’s moving Castle

My friend organised a film night for us to watch her all-time favourite film – Howl’s Moving Castle. A beautiful story by Hayao Miyazaki. The Studio Ghibli films will always have a place in my heart as I have watched and loved them since I was little. Every story is completely crazy, yet so beautiful. From the stunning drawing to the lovely music. This has definitely gone up into my top three, along with My Neighbour Totoro and Spirited Away.


Another month, another lot of film recommendations. If any of these sound your style or you fancy something new, I hope you will add some of these to your watch list.

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