March Movies

Out of all the films I watched this month, these were my favourites.

The Shape of Water

As I mentioned last month, I was so excited to watch this film. And let me tell you, it certainly didn’t disappoint. This film was a work of art, every scene was absolutely stunning (which I expected from Del Toro). The acting was also amazing considering the main two characters didn’t talk, which was very clever. The story was beautiful and the music was lovely. And now I have run out of positive describing words. I have also found the soundtrack makes great study music.

Thor Ragnorok

I was also really excited to see the (almost) newest Marvel film – Thor Ragnorok as I am a massive Marvel fan. I know, I was late to the party for this one. I thought this films was really great and I love how the Marvel films are getting funnier and funnier – I personally loved the character of Korg in this one, every time he was on we were in fits of laughter. And it has made me REALLY excited for Avengers: Infinity War. Like, REALLY, REALLY excited.


So there are my favourite films I watched this month, two very different films. I would definitely recommend you go and watch both.

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