My Favourite Instagram Accounts

Instagram is by far my favourite social media. Mainly because of my passion for photography and how Instagram enables me to share my work. but also, because I love seeing and being inspired by everyone else’s images. My Instagram is _erinoneill_ , if you wanted to check it out. Through the hours of mindless scrolling I’ve done in my time, here are some of my favourite Instagram accounts.


Matt Inwood – @matt_inwood

I did work experience during my GCSEs with Matt. He somehow manages to make every meal look photogenic and beautiful. He also features his cats sometimes, which I love. Lulu the cat pictured on the right.


Dominika Brudny – @domsli22

Gorgeous images which all match her monochrome with rusty-orange colour scheme. This returning colour combination makes the account look beautiful when you look at all her images together.


Ros – @her_dark_materials

Again, this account has a recurring theme of very high contrast, dark images. I think I have a thing for themed accounts. I actually found her as she is friends with @matt_inwood. I saw her through the handy feature that lets you see what other people like.


Sha’an d’Anthes – @furrylittlepeach

I first found Sha’an’s YouTube channel (which is wonderful – you should definitely go find it), then followed her Instagram. I really just love her attitude, she’s so positive and happy. Her illustrations are amazing and there is often a very cute dog on her story. I’m definitely a cat person, but Shiba Inu puppies are THE. ACTUAL. CUTEST.


Rocket – @rocket_k

Actually @furrylittlepeach’s boyfriend. He does a lot of travel photography and has lots of amazing photographs on his account.


Thomas Heaton – @heatonthomas

My dad and I actually started watching Heaton’s YouTube videos before I followed him on Instagram. He’s a landscape photographer and his photographs are just incredible. (I’m running out of positive describing words). I would highly recommend his channel and Instagram account.


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