January Rambling 

Today, I thought I would update you on my school life and my life in general. Mainly because I have no other blog post ideas, but also because I want to write down everything that is in my head at the moment. This blog is kind of like my diary; it’s nice to look back on previous posts etc.

The subjects I am taking for A Level are Graphics, Photography, Law and Business Studies. As I expected, I am really enjoying my Graphic Design and Photography courses because they’re fun, and therefore, don’t feel like work. When I first chose my A Levels I wanted to do Psychology, however it clashed with photography which I definitely wanted to do. I then decided to do Philosophy instead, however this too ended up clashing with photography – just my luck. My options for subjects that didn’t clash were Biology, English or Law. I chose Law as I thought it was the best of a bad lot. Turns out I love it and wouldn’t dream of swapping it! I enjoyed Business at GCSE level, so thought I would carry it on into A Level. I have to admit though, it is my least favorite of my subjects. I understand it and enjoy most parts, but it doesn’t interest me as much as the other three.

I have just finished my winter exams which all students in year 12 and 13 take after the Christmas holidays. That meant I had some fun Christmas revision over the holidays *sarcastically  whoops*! Last week I had a lovely three hour law exam – *sarcastically whoops again*, and a one-and-a-half hour business exam. Both of which went fine…I think. This week I had a five hour photography exam and a five hour graphics exam. Revision in the holidays was pretty horrible. 1) because it was Christmas and I had fun stuff and a life I wanted to get on with, 2) because I have kind of forgotten how to revise after GCSEs so have had to teach myself again. I remember I did revise for my GCSEs, I just don’t remember how…

Sixth form is quite different from year 11 for a number of reasons. Firstly, you feel much more independent. If your teacher is away, you are expected to sign in and get on with work in the study room or wherever you like. The study room is a perk of sixth form, where you can get on with you work during you free periods or ‘study periods’, as they are supposed to be called *laughs hysterically*.

The winter exams have caused me quite a bit of stress. This means there have been a fair few sleepless nights and I have been regularly taking Kalms tablets. However, I won’t go into that fun stuff today. I have been trying to find ways to relax me. I might do a whole seperate blog post on this, but I will share with you some activities I have been doing to relax in my free time (not that I have much at the moment). First of all, I have taken up stamp collecting again. Stop laughing, I haven’t become an elderly person just yet… Other things I have taken up include water colour painting and reading.

As this is a rambling post, I’m going to completely change the subject and talk about TV now. We have just finished watching a programme called Silicon Valley, which I thought was hilarious. It’s a comedy about a new startup tech business called Pied Piper – V. Good 10/10 would recommend (as the cool kids say…[probably]). ALSO. SHERLOCK. OH. MY GOODNESS.

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different style of post. I just wanted to write down everything that is in my head at the moment. I would like to do more posts like this, maybe one a month. Actually, no. That is far too much pressure.

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