Autumn and Winter Scarves

As the weather is getting colder, I thought it only right to write a post regarding my favorite thing about Autumn/Winter – Scarves. The blog is partly me being lazy as my latest project for my photography A-Level was to do a fashion shoot on any item of clothing we wanted. As you can probably tell, I chose scarves. I thought I might as well make it into a blog post too as I spent all that time convincing my sister to model for me.

This is the newest scarf to my collection from M&S. I actually found it in the men’s section, however I think all scarves are unisex…


This scarf belongs to my mum but I didn’t have enough scarves for my photoshoot, so I borrowed it… It is so big and cozy, as my sister described it – ‘it’s like I’m wrapped in a big picnic blanket. In a good way…’.

This one is mine. On one side it is tartan and on the other it is dog tooth. We headed to a nearby wooded area for this photoshoot, lukily you can’t tell how sludgy and gross the leaves are because Autumn is ending. *Sniffs*.


The last scarf I have to show you is another one of my mum’s, this one is all dogtooth. Also, I cannot express how much I love the yellow tree in the background.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI hope you enjoyed seeing all my favorite Autumn and Winter scarves. I promised my sister if I posted a blog post with her in it, I would link her YouTube channel, so here it is! Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed Autumn as much as I did. Bring on Christmas! X

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