The Making of Harry Potter

So, guess where I was yesterday… Harry Potter world! It was absolutly amazing. Oh my gosh it was so good. I have been once before but now they have added the Hogwarts express and I don’t think I could possibly go too many times! So here and some of the photos from the day there:

Me and my mum decided with the amount of money they get they surely could make the outside look a little more appealing… I mean it doesn’t have to look like Hogwarts or anything but maybe slightly better than a giant yellow metal container.

We got to go in the Great Hall, which was magical. 

There were loads of the real sets and props from the films, which were great to see…if you’re a fan.

Oh my gosh. Guys, it’s the Hogwarts Express.

I think this is probably my favourite photo of the day.

We got to try Butterbeer, which was simply delicious.

And here is the highlight of the day, a twirly traffic cone in the car park…

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