Exam Conditions ◊ Part 2

It’s that time of the year again. You know, with all those mocks and stress and tears. Oh the joy.

Anyway, If you have been reading my blog for a year now I congratulate you. You might remember last time mocks came to visit I wrote a rather large post about how the rules were stupid and the examiners are stupid and the hall was stupidly cold and how I wasn’t allowed a nice water bottle I had to have a stupid one. If you would like to read that, here it is –> exam-conditions .

I could write about how much I hate them but nothing much has changed. I guess the exam people failed to read my blog and change everything I wanted. Huh, weird.

Here are some more annoying things for you that happened this year.

During my business studies exam one of the examiners decided to come round, pick up everyones name card, hold it for five or so minutes and place it back. Not taking notes or anything. Just reading.

My science teacher wouldn’t give me a mark because he ‘couldn’t read what number I had written’. I asked about 5 different people what they thought it said, they all said I had written the correct answer. To be fair he did trip over whilst walking away, which made it slightly better. Only slightly.

This isn’t really an annoying thing but a pretty amazing one. When I came to the last answer of the maths test I had no clue what it was on about. The examiner had told us to stop writing so as a guess I wrote -2. Low and behold, that was the correct answer.

It’s safe to say exams are over for 6 months but don’t worry I’ll be back next time to whinge again…you know how good I am at whinging.

2 thoughts on “Exam Conditions ◊ Part 2

  1. I know exams suck, but aside from testing your knowledge , they serve to give you practise at working under pressure and crap conditions. No consolation I know, but you’d be surprised at how many an adult crumbles in later life when they come across a scenario which stretches them or they find challenging not having had the experience at school to build those skills . So if nothing else , rest assured that regardless of results you pass at marching onwards towards being a beautiful well-rounded adult 🙂 xxx

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