How to revise


So year 11 mocks are next month. Don’t waste your time revising, plan a handy timetable. Actually don’t worry, I’ve done that for you.

1. Make sure you are in a tidy environment. Take as long as is necessary to tidy your room. In fact you might as well just tidy your whole house. Actually, just redecorate.

2. Create a revision timetable. Take at least two hours maybe more to perfect and decorate it. A further two days will be necessary before you are sure that the timetable is up to scratch. Be on the safe side, take a week.

3. Make sure you take lots of breaks. But don’t do any work whilst doing this. Remember, this is your free time.  You may wish to write off a couple of days to achieve this.

4. Take vitamins every morning. They may not aid your revision but they sure will give you expensive urine.

5. Spice it up a bit, change your revision location. Monday you could be in your room, Tuesday in the kitchen and Wednesday in the tree at the back of your garden with the friendly homeless cat who lives there.

6. Day dream about jobs you could do if you muck up all your exams. I hear they are hiring at the petrol station.

7. Finally sit down and start that physics revision you have been putting off for weeks. Actually,  devising that title was pretty difficult, you literally spent minutes colouring in those letters with felt tips. You should probably take a break before you over work yourself.

8. After finishing planning your Halloween costume, it’s actually time for bed. The exam is tomorrow you say? Meh, just get up early and revise.  And if all else fails, you will just need to fake your death in the exam hall. You’ve done it before.

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