Wondering Why I’m Weird

You are very lucky because you almost didn’t get a blog this week! You may be wondering ‘what could be so awful that could prevent you from writing a blog?’. Well I got a wasp stuck down the side of my shoe. How? I have no idea. I was just minding my own business and I felt my shoe buzzing. I looked down and I could see a wasp stuck in my shoe. By this point I was panicking, I really didn’t want to be stung so what did I do? I started shaking my leg in the air, and when that didn’t work I flung my shoe across the pavement. This would all be fine(ish) if there was no one on the street but there was. Not only were there people watching me but it was my next door neighbours. So I can’t think to myself ‘oh never mind, I will never see them again’ because I will see them every morning and they will remember me as the weirdo girl who was doing the hokey-kokey down the street.

On that note, I would like to share with you all the reasons why I am a weird person.

1. Fizzy Drinks
You know when someone is pouring a fizzy drink into a glass and it fizzes up, well I can not stand it. If the foam gets anywhere near the rim of the glass I will start screaming and try to suck off the excess foam.

My sister an I take it upon ourselves to do the loudest sneezes we possibly can. It often sounds like someone is murdering a camel.

My mum has named my hiccups ‘Tetradactyl hiccups’. Last year my class had a two hour coach journey for a residential trip, unfortunately I got the hiccups…let’s just say I got a few odd looks.

4. Facial Expressions
I swear I have no control over my facial expressions. I will be watching a tense TV programme then realise that my face looks like a ghost has just walked in the room. This doesn’t come in handy when watching performances. I think I put the actors off.

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